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Our Long Island bankruptcy lawyer at Blutter and Blutter can assist you with your bankruptcy related issues. Our team has over 45 years of experience in helping people get back on track financially.

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Avoid bankruptcy with debt negotiation from a Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer


 Filing for Long Island bankruptcy is not the only option available to you when it comes to getting out from underneath crippling debt.


In fact, many of the top Long Island bankruptcy attorney experts out there will tell you that there are a number of ways to avoid ever filing for a bankruptcy Long Island chapter – leveraging other strategies, tactics, and approaches to instead help you to resolve your financial issues without ever worrying about the permanent financial black eye that is a bankruptcy judgment.


You will need to make sure that you are working with a Long Island bankruptcy attorney you can trust, like the kinds of experts that are employed at Blutter and Blutter. With 55+ combined years of experience in the bankruptcy Long Island community, and a reputation for successfully helping their clients navigate this often rocky road, you cannot find more professional bankruptcy lawyers in Long Island to help you out.




If you are serious about avoiding this serious situation but want to make sure that you are still able to completely discharge your debt, contact their legal offices today and set up a 100% free (and zero obligation whatsoever) consultation. You will be able to meet with some of the best bankruptcy lawyers in Long Island for an hour or so to speak about your particular situation, and even if you choose not to opt for their representation, advice, or assistance you’ll still have a number of actionable strategies you can take with you moving forward.


Here are just a few things you need to know about avoiding a Long Island bankruptcy and still discharging your debt, helping you to rebuild your financial future moving forward!


Assess your financial situation


The very first thing that you are going to need to do (even before hiring LI bankruptcy attorney experts like Blutter and Blutter) is determined what your financial situation is, what your cash flow is, how much you actually owe as far as debts are concerned, and the secured (or unsecured) status of each of these debts.


This is a key piece of the puzzle that cannot be ignored, and actually helps to formulate the complete Long Island bankruptcy strategy that you will end up using. By understanding your financial situation in depth, the right Long Island bankruptcy lawyers and the best bankruptcy lawyer Long Island experts around will be able to create a customized strategy that gets you from your current position to one of debt free living as quickly as humanly possible – sometimes by avoiding the US federal bankruptcy court system entirely!


You’ll also be able to assess just how much money you have available to negotiate your debts down, which is in even more ineffective (and a bit of an advanced) strategy when looking to mitigate or avoid bankruptcy proceedings.


Creditors and lenders will be much more willing to work with you when you can present an actionable plan based off of cold hard information, and your Long Island bankruptcy lawyers will be better prepared to assist you every step of the way with these details as well.


Long Island Bankruptcy Lawyer

Hire the right Long Island bankruptcy attorney


The second big piece of the puzzle is to make sure that you have retained the health and assistance of the best bankruptcy attorneys Long Island has to offer. There are a number of bankruptcy lawyers in Long Island, New York, and not all of them are created equal.


You absolutely must look at the reputation for success that each of the prospective Long Island bankruptcy lawyers you are considering already enjoy, and really determine whether or not a particular bankruptcy lawyer Long Island surface can help give you the best chance for success moving forward.


The experts at Blutter and Blutter, for instance, have a sterling silver reputation in the Long Island community for helping their clients every single step of the way – and have been assisting people with bankruptcy Long Island situations for more than 55+ years very


That’s the kind track record that you should be looking for in a Long Island bankruptcy lawyer, the kind of track record should give you confidence when you are looking to avoid a bankruptcy filing (and ultimately a bankruptcy judgment) by managing, mitigating, or negotiating your debt away.


Open the negotiation process


Once you have the right anchor see attorney Long Island experts in your corner, it’s time to begin actually opening up the debt negotiation process.


Before you begin contacting creditors, lenders, or collection agencies, however, you need to make sure that you know exactly which debts you will be going after first. Prioritization is everything when it comes to a successful debt negotiation plan, as you will not want to waste time, energy, and resources on debts that may not be as important in the long run while at the same time overlooking or avoiding ones that literally could be “make or break”.


There is a world of difference between secured debts that are tremendously delinquent and unsecured debts that are only overdue by a couple of payments. There is often a temptation to try and pay off the easiest debts ahead of time or early in the process to gain a bit of steam and to show some good faith on your behalf, but that actually causes a lot of problems moving forward – especially if you have limited resources with which to negotiate with or negotiate from.


Long Island bankruptcy lawyers like those at Blutter and Blutter will be able to point you in the right direction and assist you in this endeavor, and will create a prioritization strategy that you can move forward with. With 55+ combined years in the Long Island community working on bankruptcy cases they in and day out, they are able to quickly recognize which debts are most important and which ones can wait – and can craft a negotiation strategy built around this breakdown that ends up benefiting you in the long run.


Manage collection agencies


The second phase in handling a debt negotiation process is understanding the difference between debt collectors and actual creditors, and working with the ones that will help you stave off or avoid the permanent financial black eye that is a bankruptcy judgment.


Though they seem like two sides of the exact same coin, there is actually a world of difference between your actual creditors and a collection agency – and you need to use the right approach when looking to negotiate with each.


Creditors are those that were first responsible for the debt that you are looking to pay off, and are essentially the “principle” that gave you the loan in the first place. If you were cutting checks to someone to pay for this debt in the past (before delinquencies began to kick in), they were the creditor in your situation.


Debt collectors, on the other hand, are those that have purchased delinquent debts from the creditor – and are now looking for you to purchase or pay off the debt that they have already invested in.


Usually debt collectors have paid pennies on the dollar for your debt but still are looking for you to pay “full freight”, after all, that’s how they make their profit. This is important to understand, as you should be able to negotiate more aggressively with them as they likely aren’t in the game for too terribly much money anyways.


Again, professional bankruptcy lawyer Long Island experts will know how to handle each of these two important “partners” in your Long Island bankruptcy situation. Different strategies and approaches will work on different collectors or creditors, and it’s vital that you leverage all of the opportunities you have available to make sure that you avoid dealing with a serious bankruptcy situation moving forward.


Make sure that you are protected moving forward


The last thing that you should have to worry about is a Long Island bankruptcy situation that comes back to bite you even after you thought you had successfully negotiated down your debt completely.


One of the bigger reasons it is so important to have experts in your corner as far as bankruptcy lawyers Long Island services are concerned is so that you are protected to the full extent of the law, and that you do not miss any critical details or circumstances would offer you extra leverage to get out of your financial situation.


Too often creditors and lenders look to do whatever they can to weasel out arrangements that they have made with people that are negotiating in good faith with them, and only by having professional bankruptcy lawyers Long Island, NY experts by your side will you be able to tell the difference between fine print that gets you completely out of debt and fine print that has you dealing with a financial whirlwind of stress, pressure, and anxiety for years and years to come.


This is why you need to lean on experts like those at Blutter and Blutter just as much as possible. Contact their legal offices today to set up a 100% free and zero obligation consultation, and find out how they can help you avoid a bankruptcy Long Island filing!


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